Imagine a new society

Science, technology and innovation in a post‑growth world

What would Science, Technology and Innovation look like in a world not driven by the endless pursuit of economic growth? 

What new worlds might we be able to conceive if human wellbeing and the natural environment were the primary focus of innovation? 

Here at the Post-Growth Innovation Lab, these questions lie at the heart of our work. 

  • Prospera

    What levels of technological complexity can we reach in a non-growing economy?

  • ExPliCit

    This project calls for opening up a debate to deconstruct the increasingly hegemonic discourse of Circular Economy based on a technocratic approach

  • Postgrowth S.A

    A citizen science project in the field of social sciences that aims to co-create the city of the future, a just and sustainable city designed for communal living and enjoyment.

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