Alejandro Fortuny

PhD Student

 Alejandro has a degree and master in business administration at University of Salamanca (Spain) and at IAE Rennes (France).
After his studies he has worked 1 year in a car company and 2 years in a network of cooperative organic food shops called Biocoop in France. He has also participated on the self-management of a Food Coop called "Breizhcoop" in Rennes (France) and is actually participating in the creation of a cooperative of consumers in Cangas, called "As Vimbias" in Galicia. 
He is currently carrying out a doctoral project as part of the ERC Starting Grant project "Prospera" and is a research fellow of the Institute of Cooperative Digital Economy (
As part of his doctoral project, Alejandro is studying self-management as a critical alternative to mainstream management in the French context. One of the aims of his work is to continue to prove that other, more democratic economies and modes of organisation are possible and desirable beyond economic growth. His work also aims to help us build inclusive alternatives that are scaled up and not isolated in order not only to understand but also to transform society. It explores, on the one hand, how to build alternatives from scratch (through the case study of a cooperative platform) and, on the other, how to help existing organisations move to a post-growth paradigm (through the case study of a recovered enterprise).'