Víctor José Sánchez

PhD Student

He holds a BA on Political Science from Sciences Po Paris, a MA on Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris and a MA on International Political Economy from King's College London. During his MA thesis, Víctor studied protests against industrial animal farming in his home region: Castilla-La Mancha. He obtained a prize for the best MA thesis on the International Political Economy programme for his cohort.While his earlier work focused on the contestations against the articulation of a new kind of farming, he will be working on the dearticulation of coal mines for the next few years. During his PhD, Víctor plans to study the ways on which the closure of coal mines and coal-powered thermal plants in Spain has been (and is being) negotiated through national strategies framed as a Just Transition. His main interest lies on analyzing the reconfiguration of the political economy of coal and the mechanisms of public participation implemented by the Spanish authorities
Within the PostGrowth Innovation Lab, he is part of the ARCA project. He is hired as a research assistant.Beyond Academia, Víctor is interested on alternative pedagogies, fermentation and gardening."